WordPress Customization

Content management system and use open source PHP code

Custom template solutions, such as Word Press is good option for some as they are professional looking, include a content management system and use open source PHP code. However they can be limiting in functionality and in search engine optimization. Further, both solutions have plugins that are used to tweak the native functionality and optimize your content and serve a basic purpose. This could be in the form of SEO plugins, content syndication, social media integration, etc. They are all there to add value to your content rather than to revolutionize your website.

At Accountable Web Designs we want to revolutionize up your web presence so that you maximize the effectiveness and have the ability to scale as your business grows. We do this in an efficient cost effective way with our team of in-house developers. Web sites are not static today, they need to grow and expand as your business does. Our customized web solutions offer a template like experience that includes a content management system for easy administration but they are built specifically for you and your business needs. Feel free to browse our portfolio section so review just some of our custom work. Then contact us to learn how we can quickly and cost effectively build a custom website to fit your needs.

Working with you – The Process

The stages of any project differ depending on what work is required.

  • Stage 1 The initial meeting
  • Stage 2 Content and wire-framing
  • Stage 3 Design
  • Stage 4 Development
  • Stage 5 Training
  • Stage 6 Enjoy life
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