Custom Content Management System

Html and manual coding is SO yesterday!!

Many businesses today are held ‘hostage’ by their web designer. The catch is to build a cheap site in raw html manual code and the soak you when it comes to update and changes that ‘only they can make’. At Accountable Web Designs we want to liberate you and believe that a website can be build cost effectively and include a dedicated content management system suited to your needs.

Content management systems, also known as back end website administration tools, provide ease of use to administer your website in a user friendly environment that doesn’t take an IT administrator degree to learn. The wonderful thing about today’s open source coding language is its flexibility and with that comes the ability to create an interface designed for your website administration needs. And it gets better! We can offer you the option to have different levels of privileges so that your designated users can only see and edit what you allow.

With our custom content management system you have the option to manage your site or we can manage it for you. So contact us today to take a test drive, we think you will be impressed!

  • Html 5
  • CSS 3
  • Android
  • Ipple
  • WordPress

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